Lindy on Track is an event run by Krakow’s KMiTa Swing team and Warsaw Rythm Busters.



Swing Culture, Music and Dance Section KMiTa Swing is a non-profit organisation which operates under patronage of the Railway Culture Association.

KMiTa acts as an independent unit - art section with its own agenda.

KMiTa’s vision is to promote swing culture, music and dances in Poland, by organizing various events such as festivals, workshops and regular dancing lessons. One of the major projects run by KMiTa Swing is the Dragon Swing - international Lindy Hop festival, which takes place in November in Krakow. Other major recurrent projects undertaken by us are: Lindy Hop Non Stop - summer swing festival organized in cooperation with Piwnica Pod Baranami and Krakow Lindy Invasion - three recurring dance weekends with workshops and parties in January, February and March.

We are also arranging regular dance courses and swing parties.

So far we have cooperated with several venues in Krakow including Piwnica Pod Baranami, where we organise the oldest recurring swing party in Poland which ison every second and last Sunday of each month.

We would also like to create an opportunity to all swing oriented people in Poland who are interested in developing their dancing skills.

We want to encourage all, who would like to help us promoting swing in Poland to contact us.

More information about KMiTa Swing here.

And on the KMiTa Swing fanpage.


WARSAW RHYTHM BUSTERS (Paweł Struk and Ania Milczarek)

Their swing dancing path started in 2011 and since then they continuously derive joy from dancing with each other and they share it with others.

They are known from their musicality, straightforwardness, and constant play wih the rythm. They look for their inspirations straight in the music which makes their style unique.

They are also cofounders of former, swing dance performance group „The SwingAlliance”. Despite their dancing achievements Paweł and Ania still travel to seek knowledge and learn from the best.

They want to infect everybody with their passion, cheerfulness and teach how to feel comfortable on social dancefloor and also how to interpret various tempo in music in an interesting, comfy and inspiring way.

We invite you to the Warsaw Rhythm Busters fanpage.