lazy swingers bandLazy Swingers Band grew from the inspiration of the music of swinging 30s and the fascination of a unique, noble tone of bands that played at that time. Nine people, divided sectionally in minimalistic version that refers to the big-band (some of them are lindy hop dancers) focuses on maintaining the characteristic swinging articulation and fluid dynamic changes in such a way that the body starts to tremble and a smile appearing in heart of the dancers doesn't let them stay still! The band is a part of Krakow Section of Culture, Music and Swing Dance called KMiTa Swing.

leliwa jazz bandLeliva Jazz Band, collaborating with Tarnowskie Centrum Kultury, was established in 1978. The name of the band originates from the crest “Leliva”, which belonged to the founders of Tarnow city. In the beginning musicians had a strong preference of ragtime music, but later on the repertoire was enriched with jazz standards from 20s and 30s. The arrangements of musical compositions refer to one of the best traditions of that genre – new orleans jazz, especially Louis Armstrong’s Hot Five and Hot Seven bands.

Leliva Jazz Band is a “Zlota Tarka – Gold Washboard 2005” prizewinner during the XXXV Old Jazz Meeting in Iława and also a few other traditional jazz contests winner. The annual polls of Jazz Forum Monthly titled JAZZ TOP consistently classify Leliva Jazz Band in the middle of top ten Polish traditional bands.

LJB team annually participates in many festivals in the country and abroad. In 2006 Leliva Jazz Band had the honour to represent Polish traditional jazz during the Euro Jazz Festival – Rueil-Malmaisone in Paris. In 2014 play 44. Internationales Dixieland Festival Dresden. The bandhosts the annual festival "Jazzowy Rynek” in Tarnow.

Heart of DixieHeart of Dixie is a young dixieland band from Brno, Czech Republic, tailor-made for local lindy hop community. The repertoire consists of famous hits from the the 20s and 30s of the 20th century. Most of the members are students or allumni at jazz departement of prestigious Janáček Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Brno. Band specializes on vintage parties, social dancing events and lindy hop parties and festivals. It´s a bunch of energetic young guys who deeply love swing music and guarantee to turn your event into unforgettable night.

Jiří Kotača plays the trumpet in several jazz bands and is also a leader of his own big band, Cotatcha orchestra. Saxophonist and clarinetist Radek Zapadlo is considered to be among the best jazz musicians in Czech Republic. Jan Galia, who plays trombone, is a talented multi-instrumentalist with dixieland experience from international festivals. Juraj Valenčík studied classical upright bass at the Janáček Academy and now continues in the jazz department. He is very popular and sought-after sideman, with permanent engagement at Brno City Theatre. Kristián Kuruc is very promising young drummer, allumni of influential Slovakian conservatory. Singer, rhythm guitarist and band leader Jan Čarek is active in many local swing bands and is considered a bridge between dance and music community, as he is both a musician and keen lindy hopper.