We are excited to tell you that we have begun preperations for a brand new Lindy Hop event, Lindy on Track. This is an event including workshops and parties for which the main attraction will be traveling from Cracow to Zakopane in a vintage train complete with a steam locomotive, and various railway cars including a regular passenger coaches, a baggage car and a bar car – we will also have a car which we will designate the dancing car. In any case some of these railway cąrs are over 100 years old!

The entire trip will take about 7 hours, in which time the train will burn 6 tons of coal. Also there will be a break in which the engine will have to be refilled with water.

So what awaits you are 6 nights of dances, 4 days of workshops – 2 in Cracow and 2 in Zakopane, and one day dedicated to our vintage train ride.

We wll be publishing information about the event both on our website http://lindyontrack.pl as well as on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/lindyontrack