partiesLindy on Track is closer and closer! Time for a short information about our parties.

This year during the parties 2 amazing jazz bands will play for us: Leliwa Jazz Band (Poland) and Heart of Dixie (Czech Republic). You can read more about them here.




Tuesday (12.04.2016), 9 pm: party at the DKK
Wednesday (13.04.2016), 8 pm: taster, 9 pm: party at the DKK
Thursday (14.04.2016), 8pm: taster, 9 pm: party at the DKK with Leliwa Jazz Band
Friday (15.04.2016), 10 pm: party in the Aries Hotel, 11:00 pm -preliminaries to Jack n’ Jill
Saturday (16.04.2016), 8 pm – taster, 9 pm: party in the Aries Hotel with Heart of Dixie, 11:30 pm - Jack n’ Jill finals
Sunday (17.04.2016), 9 pm: after party in Guesthouse “Kolejarz”


Wednesday, 8pm, DKK: Lucas & Laura, „Lego class”
Thursday, 8pm, DKK, Lucas & Laura, „Rhythm Section”;
Friday: Bjoern and Daniela, „Dancing at crowded place” (taster on the train)
Saturday: 8pm, Aries Hotel, Bjoern and Daniela, „Steal me if you can”;

If you don't have neither Full Pass nor Party Pass, you can still join our parties and tasters (except party and taster on the vintage train).

You will be able to buy tickets for single parties at the door. This year prices for single parties are:

Tuesday - 20 PLN (5 EUR)

Wednesday - 20 PLN (5 EUR)

Thursday- 30 PLN (8 EUR)

Friday - 20 PLN (5 EUR)

Saturday - 30 PLN (8 EUR)


See you there!