We invite you to take a look at the locomotive and antique railway cars that will be part of our vintage train ride from Cracow to Zakopane :)






In the 19th century a train depot was built in Chabówka that housed 80 steam locomotives. Now, 100 years later in its place there is a railway history museum.

A growing collection of Locomotives is on display here, including: Electric and Steam locomotives, railway cars as well as other specialized rolling stock such as cranes and snow plows. Part of the museums exposition is maintained in a fully functional state.

The muesum in Chabówka holds the biggest and most popular exhibition of this kind in Poland. Currently the museum is incorporated in PKP Cargo S.A. transportation and shipping company. In 2005 the first Steam Locomotive showcase took place, and is a large annual event in which various locomotives gather and carry passengers, race and showcase their specialties.

We are excited to tell you that we have begun preperations for a brand new Lindy Hop event, Lindy on Track. This is an event including workshops and parties for which the main attraction will be traveling from Cracow to Zakopane in a vintage train complete with a steam locomotive, and various railway cars including a regular passenger coaches, a baggage car and a bar car – we will also have a car which we will designate the dancing car. In any case some of these railway cąrs are over 100 years old!

The entire trip will take about 7 hours, in which time the train will burn 6 tons of coal. Also there will be a break in which the engine will have to be refilled with water.

So what awaits you are 6 nights of dances, 4 days of workshops – 2 in Cracow and 2 in Zakopane, and one day dedicated to our vintage train ride.

We wll be publishing information about the event both on our website http://lindyontrack.pl as well as on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/lindyontrack